Happy Birthday Mocha!

Happy birthday to my baby girl, Mocha! I can’t believe she is already 4…man, time sure flies!
David and I have made it our ritual to get a birthday cake from The Three Dog Bakery since last year, so I stopped in and picked up her favorite peanut butter cake (Last year’s post), along with a toy, birthday hat and some biscuits.  I usually find dog accessories VERY expensive and unreasonably overpriced.  For me, it makes more sense to buy Mocha’s toys from thrifty  bargain stores such as TJ-Maxx or Home Goods, but there is nothing wrong with splurging once in awhile, and what calls for a better occasion than Mocha’s birthday?

I can’t believe this was her last birthday monopolizing our love and full attention.  Sadly, starting next year Mocha is going to learn to yield to baby Ethan.  I am so curious to see how she would react once Ethan arrives, there is going to be  a huge shift in our family dynamics for sure.

Look at this precious face, making a birthday wish!!! :)
IMG_5165IMG_5146 IMG_5163 IMG_5168 IMG_5169IMG_5170

Hoe everyone is having a fantastic week!!

Black and White

adfgh asdf

Hello everyone!  The weather is finally cooling down and I couldn’t be any happier.

Lately, I have been…

1. getting noticeably bigger
2. losing my tan
3. suffering from carpal tunnel
4. constantly hungry
5. extremely fatigue
6. sleepy
7. exhausted
8. tired
9. did I mention tired?

Aside from struggling to stay awake, I have been doing absolutely fantastic! I have been trying to enjoy my last semester of teaching in school and making the most of everything.  I recently re-organized my closet and dressers, where all of my “maternity clothes” are out in the front and in top drawers of the dressers.  Needless to say, I am no longer able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I have also added a few pairs of “comfy shoes” to my collection, since my feet are starting to swell up and even flats are too snug for my feet.

On another note, October is going to be busier than words can describe.  My Richardson Symphony Orchestra season starts back up this week, my beautiful friend Anna is getting married in CA  where will be her preggo bridesmaid, maternity shoot, more Drs’ appointments next week, and some pregnancy classes to educate ourselves on nursing & anesthesias, Ethan’s baby shower, then the holidays will come, and at last, it will be time for us bring baby Ethan home finally!!!

I have to brag about my husband (hehe :p), who has been so darling through out our pregnancy.  David has always been caring, thoughtful, nurturing and incredibly helpful, but he just has been beyond prefect in the past 6 months. He is so dedicated in making sure I am feeling 100% happy and physically well at all times, he bends over backward every second of every day.  I am truly blessed to have him, not only as my husband, but also as Ethan’s father to be, because David will be everything we wished we had.

Lastly, I hope everyone is taking full advantage of this beautiful weather before winter arrives.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

Dress/Michael Kors
Blazer/Vince Camuto

Photography//David Choi

Love Is In The Air…

IMG_4900Hi everyone, happy Monday!!
Blogging is a huge commitment and I haven’t been very faithful lately.  With all the weddings, bachelorette parties, showers, on top of work and being 19 weeks preggos, I barely have time to sit in my office.  Now, all excuses aside, I am hoping to have more down at home time once Ethan comes.  Until then, I will be in and out with little updates and photos here and there.

IT’S A BOY!!!!

It’s official!! We are having a BOY, and his name is… Ethan Choi ! ! !

IMG_4820 IMG_4823 IMG_4825IMG_4838 IMG_4841 IMG_4850 IMG_4875Last week has been pretty crazy for us.  My birthday was on Thursday, which I celebrated with David after or 16 week appointment.  Saturday was my friend’s bachelorette party and Sunday was my Birthday/Gender reveal brunch.
Thank you for those who came to celebrate on Sunday, you guys are the best and I love you!

123 photo

 These pictures of Mocha were taken right before David took me out for my birthday dinner.  Isn’t she so precious? Oh, and the last sweaty picture of us was the only birthday picture I was able to salvage from dinner, since no one seems to know how to operate a DSLR. lol

IMG_4787 IMG_4789 IMG_4791 IMG_4817Thank you and have an awesome week everyone!


21Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying cool and wearing sunscreen :)
These pictures are taken in my first maternity clothes ever. It makes me look bigger than I really am but this maxi dress is super comfy and comes with adjustable straps.

Dress/Old Navy Maternity similar here
Shoes/Michael Kors
Bangles&Bracelets/INC & Kenneth Jay Lane
Clutch/Tory Burch similar in black

Photography//David Choi


//Here is my pregnancy update//

-I have been working out for two weeks now.  I do light cardio and some weight training.
-I don’t get as hungry as I used to in first trimester.
-I will be 17 weeks tomorrow.
-We are finding out the gender next weekend.
-Most of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms have subsided finally.
-Allergy flares have been getting the best of me lately.
-I am showing my small, yet a definite baby bump.

Have a terrific weekend!



Nude and a Punch of Ombre


Hi, happy Monday! I can’t believe the weekend is over already and it’s time for another vicious cycle. Did you guys enjoy your weekend? What do you like to do for fun? David and I normally spend our weekends eating out, lounging around and shopping. Somedays we shop for the baby, somedays we shop for other people, somedays we shop for the house and somedays we just walk indoors for minimal cardio.

Since the baby, I haven’t bought one item for myself, and everything has been pretty much about JC. I just feel that my shopping days and splurging on myself are over because that was a very expensive habit of mine and all extra funds in the Choi household need to go towards the future, babies and their med school, haha. It has been a little bitter sweet since I also gave up my nail treatments, spa days and hair appointments as well (because I’m scared of breathing in fumes at salons). But I know it’s all for a greater cause, plus David is so AMAZING – he bought me a PS1 for my birthday!! Anyway, I am featuring it here for the first time.
IMG_4683These ombre trousers are from H&M, and the elastic waistband makes the perfect companion for my growing belly.
IMG_4686I love this bag, and I literally throw it around with no guilt or fear of scratching and staining. It’s sturdy, low maintenance, easy, functional and can be worn as cross-body style. The only negative is having to belt in two straps and looping the clasp through the flap when taking my phone in and out. But then again, it wouldn’t be a PS1 without this attribute. Additionally, David solved this issue for me by showing me the back pocket with a zipper – an alternative storage for my phone.
IMG_4687Thank you for reading and have a beautiful week everyone!

Shirt/from Korea similar here
Trousers/H&M on ebay
Shoes/Manolo Blahnik
Bracelets/Hermes & Chan Luu similar here
Earrings/Charming Charlies
Necklace/Ippolita & INC

Photography//David Choi

The Usual Casual//Wide-neck Sweater & Shorts

Hi everyone, just a quick hello and I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!
For the past couple of months, I have been glued to my couch and did a whole bunch of take outs. But lately, I have been feeling adventurous and getting out of the house to try new restaurants!
IMG_4644 IMG_4648IMG_4639

Shorts/BCBG Generation
Sportsbra/VS similar here
Watch/Philip Stein
Clutch/Chanel WOC

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My early birthday present form the Mr.

Brunch at The Common Table

Our favorite short-rib nachos from Artin’s

My Paciugo obsession

All time favorite from our wedding

On my good days

Last buy not least- my little one…for now

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Don’t Support Fake Bags!!!! – Even if it’s free!!!!

So I am probably going to get a lot of criticism here, but so be it. I am not going to get suckered into tolerating fake bags because everyone is afraid to speak up.

Many of you guys probably know Levi Nguyen. She is a tall, gorgeous blogger who has impeccable style and puts out amazing photos of her outfits. However, as of yesterday, I have lost all my respect for her. She recently hosted a Giveaway with The Quiet Riot and gave away a bag I thought WAS the Celine Trapeze.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am completely all for designer inspired looks. However, pretending that these bags are authentic without a single disclosure in the website IS A CRIME in my opinion. Levi has been blogging long enough to know that the bag she was giving away wasn’t a Celine, as they are no where close to $108 The Quiet Riot sells it for. In my humble opinion, Levi, as a fashion advocate should have informed her readers at the very least that the bag was only “Celine inspired,” since The Quiet Riot doesn’t disclose such information on their website.

What is the big deal, you might ask? Half of the consumers or participants of Levi’s giveaway are unaware of the fact that the bag is even a Celine knock off. They have unknowingly chosen to support fake designer goods without any prior knowledge. The other half who are well aware of the Celine replica are potential fake designer bag supporters who think they love high end goods when in all actuality, they are violating one’s intellectual property and committing a crime.

Most of us aren’t billionaires, but we work and save our hard earned money so we can invest in such luxury items once in awhile. And I too, belong in this category. Some designer bags are beyond affordable for many of us, but who could blame them for such mark ups when they have to compensate for millions of replicas after the release of their next design. No one should judge another for the lack of variety in his/her designer bag collection. However, I DO judge those who discreetly carry fake designer bags in hopes to convince others of some pretentious status he/she wants to achieve for oneself.

I foresee losing many readers and upcoming criticism from many. At the end of the day, my purpose of having Stylejourneys isn’t for flattery or getting infinite numbers of “likes” and “followers”. I started this blog as someone with passion, love, respect for fashion and a little insight, in hopes to empower others with similar interests and to protect the brands and companies I love.

Sorry, I won’t be giving away designer replicas here for “likes” and “followers” because I will never support such activity and call myself a lover of fashion.
Let’s have integrity for what we claim we love – fashion.

For bloggers: I do appreciate the bloggers who disclose “designer inspired” items worn, at the bottom of their entries.

As always, thanks for reading, and I truly apologize if I have offended anyone.  I believe in giving credit when its due, where its due, but I despise dishonesty.

Journey Choi

Pregnancy Must Haves

Hi everyone, happy humpday!  As I mentioned before, I wanted to do a “Pregnancy Must Haves”.  One of my very first pregnancy symptoms was breakouts. I guess I should consider myself lucky as many women have extreme morning sickness and suffer from weight loss, vomiting and spitting out saliva all day long.

My acne probably isn’t so terrible, but it consists of tiny, little bumps all over my forehead, chest, and get this – I get random pimples on both sides of my neck (Thank God it’s not in the front?). Yuck!! I know. To make matters worse, I have been picking and scraping them off with my nails when they harden and form small scabs.  Hopefully you guys won’t have to go through this…oh, did I also mention back pimples?

Before I begin with following pictures, I have to tell you I gave up facial makeup:  toner, serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bb cream and all that jazz. Unless, it’s a special occasion. I have very dry skin so I am used to putting layers and layers of products, but my hormones changed all this and turned me into a greasy “pizza face”.

I also gave up all my favorite Chanel products, because I felt like they were a little too harsh on my skin and overly fragranced. I am not a perfect “only natural mom” (it is just way too expensive), but I do try to prevent my baby from its exposure to any/potential harmful chemicals and toxins.

Here are some other life changes I have made.
*Embracing my black roots - This was a hard one. My doctor said I should have no problem dying/highlighting my hair, since there are no “studies” or real “evidence” the chemical that gets absorbed into your scalp will affect your baby. However, I am a paranoid mommy, and I fear the unknown so I chose to just not risk it.
*Nail party on the balcony - Bye bye biweekly visits to my nail salon for gel mani & pedi accompanied by unlimited wine. I now paint my own nails on my balcony because it’s well ventilated. Thus, I don’t have to breathe in as much fumes from the polish remover.
*Hello flats and flip flops! - I am just terrified of tripping, falling and/or hurting my little bean so I said my fares well to all my heels.
*No more Zumba - Not that I was ever diligent with workouts, but I do miss shaking my bum bum like nobody’s business.
*Dispensed water only - It’s my attempt to avoid Pthalate so I don’t drink bottled water, and I do not heat things in plastic containers.

I am sure there are some more, but the hardest thing was giving up certain foods. Sushi, deli meats, cold cuts, soft cheeses, rare steaks with red centers (drools), Dr. Pepper and honestly, alcohol was the easiest. The smell of alcohol makes me nauseated and pokey.

OK, sorry for the extended list. Here are my must haves!
IMG_4606Some of your guys remember this from my old post last winter. This $20 super absorbent, lint free, wrinkle free (no harsh rubbing needed) cotton is what I use to remove eye makeup. It is a bit pricy so I cut mine in half :) – it extends the lifetime of the box. I still have more than half left, even though David sometimes gets into my cotton stash instead of his Target ones.  HAHA
IMG_4610I use 2 different combos:  Fresh Soy Face cleanser with Bobby Brown buffing grains OR Belli Anti Blemish face wash with Clearsonic. Neither of these are very lathery, but I got used to not having the foam/bubbles, and they are great in removing a lot of my acne bumps. I also love the citrus scent of the Belli face wash, while the Soy cleanser is almost odorless and boring sometimes. I recommend the Belli brand to all the mommies and future mommies. You should avoid salicylic acid during pregnancy, and Belli product uses lactic acid instead – a safer alternative. All of their products are natural and easy on skin.
IMG_4613Another Belli product and a Molton Brown body wash. The Belli Pre-Treatment scrub is also lather free and for this reason, I found it easier and more affective to massage it directly with my hands. I absolutely LOVE this scrub – it’s grainy, minty and exfoliates without over drying your skin. After using all these non-lathery formulas, I have to get my foamy/bubbly fix, and this treat comes from the Pathouli & Saffron body wash by Molton Brown. I used to be a huge Molton Brown snob when I lived in a one bedroom apartment and only had MB products in the bathroom and the kitchen sink. But it was too pricy to continue this habit when we purchased a multi-level townhome with 4 bathrooms & a kitchen sink, so I went with a cheaper alternative. However, I came across this new scent early this spring from a sample and fell head over heels. It is not like anything I have ever smelled before – it’s sweet, with a little bit of spice, earthy, and oudy. The best body wash I have ever used.  Needless to say, I will be buying this for next several years.
IMG_4615Prenatal One. Need I say more? You just take 1 a day.  Before this, I was taking fancy, organic prenatal vitamins from New Chapter. It barely had any smell or taste to it, but this still didn’t justify the fact I had to take it 3 times a day, giving me the worst gas ever. I would never go back to that. Prenatal One, however, is one gigantic horse pill with a terrible, fishy smell and an after taste of blood, but gives me minimal gas, and I only have to suffer once a day. It’s also easier to swallow, knowing this is only the 1/3 of New Chapter vitamin’s cost. Nature Made folic acid is the size of a tiny blueberry with no taste. Other than the fact I need extra folic acid during pregnancy, this gives me no significant side affects or has no taste.
IMG_4616I first bought Bio Oil from Buy Buy Baby for $19, but discovered that they sell 2 bottles (4.2 oz & 2.0 oz) for the same price at Costco. I know they say you can’t prevent stretch marks since its pretty much written in the stone of your DNA, but I am going to do my due diligence and minimize it at the very least. The Bio Oil smell is great, and I find it fast drying (but I have super dry skin and never use any lotion). Mama Mio is one of the new brands, and while many celebrities swear by it, I didn’t want to spend over $70 purchasing the oil and butter set. I am pretty sure these products all do the same things any way:  provide vitamins, moisturize, excelerate cell recovery, essential oils, anti itch and what not. Mama Mio Tummy Rub has a baby powder scent and is thick yet absorbent.  The direction tells you to rub it twice a day, but seriously who has the time to do this? I know I don’t. I just put Bio oil before I get into bed, let it dry and soak in for 5 mins, then my loving husband rubs the butter on my belly before going to sleep. I started this routine at week 9, but some women start at week 5 as well as half way into the second trimester.
IMG_4619I have two makeup removers. One by Chanel and the other by “The Face Shop”, a Korean line. I find the over priced Chanel a complete waste. Illogically over priced, not concentrated, not long lasting, ineffective when it comes to removing red lipsticks, and the worst part – the formula is way to thick and oily, blurring my vision for several minutes with the slightest amount in my eyes. I am a huge Chanel fan, and I have been using all Chanel skincare products and makeup for the past decade so I know when something is terrible. From my experience, Chanel can’t produce eye makeup removers or mascaras. I don’t even want to get started on their mascaras so let me just say this, “Chanel, I have kept my faith in you and continuously bought every new mascara you came out with; however, you are just terrible. Please stop and a refund for the last 6 I bought would be very nice. Thanks!”
IMG_4621Makeup daily quintessentials. I don’t currently have a favorite moisturizer so I have been using samples from Chantecaille. I only use one product on my face as my face is already overly saturated with hormonal oil. My daily makeup routine now only takes 2 mins. I give myself a pair of brows with the Tom Ford brow sculptor, little tint of blush on cheeks (currently loving Pink Explosion by Chanel) with Sonia Kashuk brush, draw my eyeliner with THE BEST HEAVEN SENT Artliner by Lancome in Noir, and I do my bottom water lines with Chanel’s Stylo Water proof in Noir Intense.
As all Tom Ford products, the eye brow sculptor is highly pigmented, but it draws better on primed or powdered face with some kind of dry finish. It definitely doesn’t work as well on my natural skin due to the oil, however, it’s better than not having eye brows. Chanel’s Pink explosion is perfect for me, because it gives me rosy pinky cheeks and compensates my bare face from looking too bland and washed out. Lancome Artliner is the “Holy Grail” of eyeliners most of us girls, so no need to go into that. Stylo pencil by Chanel is a great alternative when wanting softer lines or more natural look. It smears minimally and is long lasting. I just don’t like to sharpen it as often as I need to because I feel like I am losing the precious product I paid for. Besides that, I can’t really complain – you just have to use a eye makeup remover because it doesn’t wash off with cleansers. I also clean the rest of eye liner residue with Qtips after I wash my face. Last but not least, I adore Sonia Kashuk brushes. They are actually affordable so you can own more than 1 brush, if not, a whole set under $50. They do the job and don’t shed like some cheapy ones do.
IMG_4625Finally, Deborah Lippmann polishes.
Since I found out I was pregnant, I went “3 free” when it came to nail colors. For those who are unfamilar with this term, “3 free” refers to the 3 toxins in nail colors – Formaldehyde, Dybutyl Pthalate and Tolune.
Formaldehyde isn’t always in the nail polish itself, but it is found in “nail hardeners” as it helps dry the polish faster. Dybutyl Pthalate is a fat soluble chemical that prevents cracks or chips. Toluene is a colorless volatile liquid that makes polishes easier to apply. While these chemicals won’t affect us detrimentally, they are very harmful for your unborn baby and could cause developmental complications for your fetus. Deborah Lippmann prides herself in these “3 free” products, but there are many other brands for cheaper.  Butter, Sally Hensen, OPI, and Essie.  I only bought these to splurge and don’t intend on buying too many more. I find other brands (mentioned above) doing the exact same for less.

I hope you guys found this helpful! Thanks for reading, and hope you have a great week!

Growing by 2 Feet::Stylejourneys Version 2.0

Wow!! It has been so long everyone! I am back with lots of news and updates to share with you all!
I apologize for the excessive use of exclamation points, but I am just too thrilled to share that…David and I are expecting!

The last 3 posts, Olive N Mint Condition, Mellow Melon//Basic Spring Attire and Doggy Date//Blackout Leopard Print were all submitted after we found out.
However, I was a bit torn to continue blogging since pregnancy and fashion are on the opposite spectrum of life, and I knew I would be too self conscious for photos with my upcoming bump.
I explored many options:  turning this fashion blog into a mommy blog, solely doing bag reviews, creating another blog or just shutting it down all together, since I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to share this part of my life so openly with readers across the world.

Since my BFP (Big Fat Positive, in TTC ((trying to conceive) world), I have been consumed with Jennifer Stano‘s blog. If you guys aren’t familiar with her, she is a co-designer of www.havefaith.com, who recently gave birth to her lovely son Niko. In her blog, she discusses her personal experiences in depth. Jennifer Stano is an honest, informative, open and truly inspiring blogger, who shares tips and advices on various topics such as her trials and errors of plastic surgeries, fashion, work out routines, marriage, difficulty she had conceiving Niko and so much more. Since her conception in 2013, Jennifer has been openly sharing her pregnancy ups and downs and everything that comes with this ginormous responsibility of motherhood. I sincerely admire and respect her for empowering women all ages, and even though it took me awhile to decide on this, I would love to share some of my pregnancy journey with all the mommies and future mommies out there.
Another inspiration of mine is Anh, a fashion blogger whom I discovered today. She is officially full term in her pregnancy, and she gave me a HUGE self-esteem boost. You will see what I mean if you visit her blog and check out her style. Her belly was seriously the LAST THING I noticed; she is definitely one of the most stylish preggos I have seen.

Please don’t be surprised or offended by the lack of fashion updates for I will be freely using this as my personal journal, containing fashion news, outfit posts, updates on my pregnancy, baby product reviews, and of course – FOOD.

For those of you who are continuing on this journey with me, I am so so excited! Please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @stylejourneys.

Here is a little update on Junior Choi – David and I decided today that until we find out the gender, we will call our little one, JC.
I am currently in my week 13 of pregnancy and today was our “official pregnancy announcement day.” It was not easy waiting 3 months to share this bundle of joy with everyone, but the chance of MC (ugh, I hate this word – miscarriage) is very high during the early stage of pregnancy. In fact, there is a MC with every 6 conceptions and many women are unaware of their pregnancies or the following MCs. Though there are discrepancies in the number of weeks in each trimester, most women consider week 13 the beginning of second trimester and upon hearing JC’s heartbeat today at my 2nd appointment, David and I knew it was now safe to share the news.

This all started in April when David and I decided to embark on the journey of TTC. We weren’t sure how long it would take so we decided to do some research, read a couple of books on conceiving and gave up alcohol. After going in for our physical check up with our internal medicine doctors, we both received green lights from them to TTC. The science behind conception is truly remarkable and mind blowing. It definitely is a miraculous blessing from God. My female intuitions told me I was pregnant right away, and I knew it before I actually tested positive. I had strange cramps I had never felt before and eery cravings of chocolate when I am a vanilla enthusiast. Post ovulation, waiting 2 weeks, was agonizing and my impatience only led to early pregnancy tests that resulted in BFNs (Big Fat Negative) and disappointment.

I forgot to mention one thing, Koreans are huge on “tae mong” which literally translates to “conception dream.” We believe that a tae mong occurs before or during one’s pregnancy, and it is usually dreamed by the mother, if not by a close family member. Unlike your normal dreams, a tae mong is vivid, memorable and consists of animals and/or flowers that come into your arms (in close contact with). It may sound so silly to some people, but when I had mine, I woke up and was able to recollect every detail, mood, color and intricacy of the dream and tell David. In my tae mong, I was swimming alone in the middle of the ocean when a group of sharks rapidly approached me. I froze and thought, “I am dead meat,” but one of the sharks (the biggest one) swam towards me and wrapped its body around my torso, then escorted me back to the shore. It was the oddest thing, yet so vivid and real I can picture it over and over forever.

I had almost given up on the hope of conception with so many negative test results in the beginning, but it turned out I was testing too early. One Saturday, I woke up, went out and bought a bunch of pregnancy tests from the dollar store, as these had gotten pretty pricy at the time. I saw a faint pregnancy line in process peak through the test result window of the most labor intensive test kit I had purchased. I screamed and ran to David. It just felt too good to be true! We needed further validation so we stormed out of the house to buy more tests, this time, sophisticated pregnancy tests with digital results, then came home and tested multiple times. We were pregnant for sure!! We could no longer doubt the faint line from a $1 kit, a positive was a positive. We were so thankful, grateful and astonished that we even went to church the next day, which had been the first time in over a year. Yes, a little shameful but I am keeping things honest here, haha.

To fast forward to today, we waited 5 weeks for our first ultrasound at 9 weeks, another mind-blowing experience where we saw our fragile, yet very sticky jumping bean, and today and at last, we had our second appointment and heard JC’s heartbeat, concluding my first trimester. :)

Now, to the real deal. How do I feel? I had a wonderful first 11 weeks, emotionally and physically with very minimal nausea and absolutely no mood swings. However, starting week 12, it’s been unbearably uncomfortable at night. The hormones have taken their full affect on bloat, and I am having a mild case of acne as well. I rarely ever even get a pimple, so seeing these tiny pink bumps on my collar bones and forehead really drive me crazy. I am also slowly coming to a realization that I NEVER actually felt “bloat” in my life before until last week. Let me tell you, “bloat” results in all sorts of conditions, and they are not pleasant…but I won’t go into details. I started at 108lbs, and initially dropped down to 106lbs, but I have been putting on more weight recently. I am 113lb as of today, and my Dr. recommended me to stay in between 130lbs-140lbs by term.

Phew~ I wrote quite a bit here! Oh I missed writing…this felt great and with my 2nd trimester insomnia, it will keep me occupied on sleepless nights while David and Mocha snore away into each others’ faces, simultaneously.

I have so much I want to share with you, especially those who are closet pregnant at the moment, women with preggo friends/families, as well as some who are looking to TTC in near future. I will probably do a post on my pregnancy must haves, meals/snacks on successful days VS total fail days, sometime this week. Until then,here are some pictures and thank you for reading! I know it was a hefty amount, but I just had so much to tell you guys. :)

1The night stand of a pregnant woman

2Classy from the back, slim from the font…13 weeks preggo from the side

IMG_4540 IMG_4547This is how we announced on Facebook.

Have a wonderful week and follow me on Instagram @stylejourneys