Nude and a Punch of Ombre


Hi, happy Monday! I can’t believe the weekend is over already and it’s time for another vicious cycle. Did you guys enjoy your weekend? What do you like to do for fun? David and I normally spend our weekends eating out, lounging around and shopping. Somedays we shop for the baby, somedays we shop for other people, somedays we shop for the house and somedays we just walk indoors for minimal cardio.

Since the baby, I haven’t bought one item for myself, and everything has been pretty much about JC. I just feel that my shopping days and splurging on myself are over because that was a very expensive habit of mine and all extra funds in the Choi household need to go towards the future, babies and their med school, haha. It has been a little bitter sweet since I also gave up my nail treatments, spa days and hair appointments as well (because I’m scared of breathing in fumes at salons). But I know it’s all for a greater cause, plus David is so AMAZING – he bought me a PS1 for my birthday!! Anyway, I am featuring it here for the first time.
IMG_4683These ombre trousers are from H&M, and the elastic waistband makes the perfect companion for my growing belly.
IMG_4686I love this bag, and I literally throw it around with no guilt or fear of scratching and staining. It’s sturdy, low maintenance, easy, functional and can be worn as cross-body style. The only negative is having to belt in two straps and looping the clasp through the flap when taking my phone in and out. But then again, it wouldn’t be a PS1 without this attribute. Additionally, David solved this issue for me by showing me the back pocket with a zipper – an alternative storage for my phone.
IMG_4687Thank you for reading and have a beautiful week everyone!

Shirt/from Korea similar here
Trousers/H&M on ebay
Shoes/Manolo Blahnik
Bracelets/Hermes & Chan Luu similar here
Earrings/Charming Charlies
Necklace/Ippolita & INC

Photography//David Choi

4 thoughts on “Nude and a Punch of Ombre

  1. You look so radiant and glowing for sure! Don’t worry all the “sacrifices” it will be all worth it! PS1 is a really great functional bag, I am glad you are loving it! I recently got one too in plum (purple) which you have seen on my IG already haha.

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